March 5, 2013: Work in Progress

Unfinished projects come in all shapes and sizes. For my mom it was an unfinished sewing project. A blouse that needed a hem and buttons, but put to the side. Or a coat that needed a final fitting and a zipper. The reason for lack of execution would vary from the wrong season (what's the hurry?) to another priority that came up ahead of it (less fun projects like uniform hemming and patches on jeans).

For others an unfinished project could be the book that was started but never finished or the room design found on Pinterest that lacks the final borders and stucco finish. For me an unfinished project is a blog in draft; a story not completely written that sits in my draft box just waiting for me to push the publish button.

That's where some of my stories come from. A forgotten draft that has suddenly come back to life. People ask how I find time to blog or if I have suffered from writer's block. Not really. When a thought or story strikes me, I hold on to it. Most times I can't wait and write on that inspiration the same day. Occasionally I transfer the story from my mind to my computer without a completed product. A work in progress.

Yesterday's blog I had actually started writing in December following a lunch with a great friend and old client. This last weekend resurrected the original memory and led me to this blog in draft. With some fine-tuning and a second read, out of work in progress and into completion it went...publish status. Always a good feeling. I guess in accounting terms, I carry inventory. That is classified as an asset. Hmmmm...instead of writer's block, I have writer's assets. I like it.


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