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September 15, 2012: Mosaic Dance Party

Sunday is a busy day for families.  One full of kids activities and family time.  But within the confines of their already busy days, several of the Lutz contingent along with family and friends met at the Mosaic Community Center at 91st and Fort to share some food and smiles with their residents.

As my son, Ben, and I arrived at the community park, we noticed a disabled man sitting on a park bench dressed in what appeared to be his Sunday best...a black suit, button down shirt, and blue tie. He was mumbling "it will start soon" and didn't respond when I gave him a cheery "hello".

Although I assumed he would be one of our guests, I thought it was best to give him some space based on his initial response to my greeting. Ben and I proceeded on to the community center as Rob (a.k.a. DJ Dugout) was setting up his music equipment. As we started rolling out the round tables from the basement of the center, the man in the suit first watched and then after noting his str…