March 11, 2013: Spring? Come on...

Snow, snow...go away...
We went to bed in a thunderstorm and woke up to a snowstorm. I should have assumed this was a possibility, but I didn't. On Saturday I had visions of front porch spring pots dancing in my head. I wondered how my tulips would look surrounding my house with my backyard additions. I didn't have a clue that there was a bit of destiny behind my not taking the snowflakes off my front display.

The irony is that this snowstorm was much more of a hit than the big over-inflated want-to-be-storm from a couple of weeks ago. The St. Louis travelers are stuck in Kansas City and Garrett and I are a bit worried over his flight this morning. We shall see.

I am feeling bullish in not scooping my walks. I'm banking on some warm sunshine to do the job for me. St. Patty's Day...bullish again. I foresee us all outside in our short sleeves, sipping on green beer with this little snow dump a distant memory. We should just label this little weather event as a temporary spring diversion.


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