March 23, 2013: Madness

A visiting friend has cried foul on our basketball fixation of late. Admittedly born without the sporting gene, talk of back-to-back games and broken brackets sounds mad to his foreign ears. "How on earth can watching a bouncing ball fascinate the masses?" Welcome to March Madness.

The next pause from our amiable friend was the abundance of TV screens in every public establishment. From fancy restaurants to the media-ridden sports bars, we Americans are never far away from our favorite live game. A seemingly spectacle to foreign eyes. A norm to our daily living. We can't get enough. And it would be deemed impolite not to ask your waitress how her bracket looks.

Although most are in touch with the current standings. An update is only a Tweet, FB post, or streaming video away on our I-phones. Mad? Nah, just a great diversion to close out the winter and bring in the spring. You know what they say...when you go to Rome, do what the Romans do.


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