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July 8, 2012: Okoboji

We just walked in the door from vacationing at Lake Okoboji.  Besides the peaceful feeling that goes hand in hand with the end of an awesome family trip; the churn of my washing machine and the welcomed amenities of home complete a great vacation.  I have been reflecting a bit after hearing my boys share their stories  with smiles and laughs from their time in our cabin and at the beach.  Okoboji was my own stomping ground as a kid.  Having my boys enjoy this trip as much as I did at their age makes it even grander.

Although we were only able to sneak in four days this year, every moment was a bit of a flashback in time for me.  My parents took my brothers and I to the same resort as kids and this was also the same one we stayed at when Grant was a toddler.  I remember my trips to the Emporium and Arnold's Park with the same fondness as Zach remembering his excitement in reaching the minimum height requirement to ride on the historic wood roller coaster.

The boys have spent time …

July 4, 2012: A Few Thoughts from Celebrations Past

The Fourth of July is certainly not an ordinary day.  It's a very special day.  One that I have celebrated every year for each of my forty-four years.  Tonight as I sat at my neighborhood park and took in all of the festivities, I remembered the moments and feelings of past Independence Day celebrations.  Although these memories are quite ordinary by all accounts, the accumulation of moments in time leave a lasting impact.  And they sure filled my mind and my heart as I watched the ten minute neighborhood display tonight.  I will share a few...

As a child, I was allowed sparklers and snakes, but that was about it.  All things big and explosive happened at my Grandparents' farm.  Laying on a blanket fighting off mosquitoes is the raw memory, but all the bug bites were worth the glory of the spectacular shows put on by my uncles and brothers.  I learned at an early age that all men were pyromaniacs. Zach was scared of fireworks at age three.  With a sleeping Ben in the nearby cri…