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January 31, 2015: Yearbook Chronicles

I picked up Ben's senior yearbook last week. I had forgotten about this treasure until I stumbled on the receipt in my 'personal folder' full of coupons and other reminders of personal to-do's.

One of the receipts was to Josten's from over a year ago, as high school yearbooks are purchased a year before publication.

After a call to the school, I learned that the yearbook of note was secured within a stack of to-be-picked-up books behind the school secretary. With proof of receipt in hand, I finally picked the yearbook chronicling Ben's senior year at Skutt Catholic High School.

I likely would have just placed the book with plastic wrap intact in Ben's room, awaiting his next visit. Until a conversation from a year past dawned on me.

Sometime the fall of his senior year, I received a text from Ben indicating that he needed a senior picture turned in for yearbook. He needed it right then. Due that afternoon.

Although my immediate reaction was to remind him h…

January 22, 2015: Where to Start...

For the record, it's not because I have nothing to write.

My lack of consistent writing is not because of lack of story content. It's due to lack of time to put pen to paper (good visual, but you know what I mean).

The stories in my head continue to build. The current list is something like this (if I had the time, there would be a real list)...

The Sad Tale of Three SandwichesThe Oldest ChildPurposePlanes, Trains and AutomobilesA Second Time AroundYearbook ChroniclesGrandma's Necklace Where to start? I guess I will start by saying I miss writing. It's my flow. When writing backlog occurs, my head feels like it's exploding; full of stories and feelings of everyday when life is too fast-paced for me to release what is on my mind.
Every day the thoughts are there, but the time somehow seems to escape me.
Full disclosure....I just took my Christmas decorations down last night and my car continually reminds me that I am 1,366 miles past a service appointment. 

January 12, 2015: Streaks

I love a good picture and a good story. And a good margarita doesn't hurt either.

Today my husband flew back to Denver. By my calculations, we spent close to a month straight by each other's side. That is a first in our history of 63 months of togetherness.

And then there is our other record. Our record of never missing a day of communicating since our first call. This has yet to be broken. By my quick calculation, we are on day number 1925 of that streak.

In my estimation, this daily communication doesn't give us bragging rights. That is pretty easy to accomplish in today's world; even with the 550 mile distance that stood between us most days during years 1 - 4. We like communicating and sharing life. A plus for a couple that I don't take for granted.

But 30 days of togetherness. That was a happy feat.

Planes, work and kids' schedules dominate our lives. Although we are much more frequently together than in years past, a 30 day run is a crowned jewel. And a …

January 3, 2015: A New Play Group

Yesterday was a day of firsts. The first time I joined an organized 'social' group in Denver.

I went through a similar process many moons ago when I first moved to Omaha. Although the technology has changed for finding these groups, the bliss of sharing time with new people hasn't changed a bit. And spending time doing something we collectively enjoy, even better.

I moved to Omaha in 1989. That was 26 years ago for those doing the math. Fresh out of college, I shared with a college friend my sadness on moving somewhere where I knew no one. Knowing I liked to run, this same friend encouraged me seek out the local running club.

"Every big city has one. Just look it up in the phone book."

For those born post-1990, let me explain. A phone book was a large paperback book which listed every individual and business phone number (land line, not cellular) in alphabetical order and then had yellow page ads just for businesses.

I followed my friend's advice and pulled …

January 1, 2015: A New Year

Over sushi and wine last night, my husband encouraged me to get back to writing. Acknowledging my drought of recent months, I agreed that my blog absence wasn't from lack of material, but lack of time.

"Start writing everyday again. You have good things to say and share."

A nudge.

Actually, a fair reaction to my pleadings with him on best fulfilling my life's purpose. A conversation that had gone deep, was brought to a more realistic place. Just keep writing and take one day at a time. Just give every day my best.

Good advice.

Writing makes me think. It pushes me to organize my thoughts and take life observations to the next level of clarity. Sharing my perspective and life stories also challenges me to be the best I can each day. Reflection is a good thing.

Today is the first of 2015. And so I will write. I would add that today really was an ordinary day, which was divine.

This last week has been a whirlwind. Although I have been sharing pictures of our recent adve…