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December 31, 2018: Goal Completed!

Last year I finished the year with what I thought was an impressive list of 52 movies I had seen in movie theaters. At the close of 2017 I decided that although I loved my movies, it was time to refocus some of this time on reading. I equally love books. So I set a reading goal of 52 books for 2018.

My belief was that I would be spreading the time I spent in the movie theater to book reading. I have gained book reading success by just completing my 52nd book (Becoming by Michelle Obama...VERY good). But the funny thing is that yesterday I also watched my 100th movie in a movie theater for the year. Yes, that is correct. I almost doubled my movie intake while reading a book a week (previously I was averaging just over a book a month).

I love books and movies. I especially love those that make me think. The ones that stay in my brain and heart. Ones that I find myself avidly researching later or those that turn into great discussion topics over a run or wine. Filmstreams is my favorite…

December 27, 2018: Family Updates

I chatted with Kat on Christmas Eve. She’s my kids’ stepmom and my ex-husband’s wife. By my estimation it’s been at least five months since we’ve spoken. Like a couple of old college friends, She and I quickly caught up in the five minutes before I had to take off.

Recently I commented to a friend on how weird it was to not have routine interactions with my ex, Scott, and his wife, Kat. With no school activities, sports, or the coordinating of kids, the frequent phone calls and texts have stopped. No more sitting in the bleachers together at football games or coordinating holiday breaks. As weird as it sounds, I miss this.

But then I remind myself that the lack of having a reason to talk to each other is a good thing. It is a sign that our sons are doing just fine. We have no worries or issues that warrant discussion as co-parents of adult children.
The boys are all doing their thing, happily flowing in their individual grooves.
People often ask me how the boys are doing. I get quizzical…