March 10, 2013: Flat Sandy

Flat Sandy enjoying post-game beers with Robbie (her creator) and Kelly
A random act of kindness. Sometimes quiet, sometimes subtle, and sometimes just plain fun. Robbie's Flat Sandy adventure gave me a huge smile. The exploits of this "fun Sandy" felt like warm hug from miles away. And it was just what the doctor ordered.

For those unfamiliar with us crazy Creighton Bluejays fans, we love our team and we love to follow them to the grand finale of the season; the Missouri Valley Conference Tournament. Although basketball is the focal point, it really is one big party in St. Louis. Many fun memories have been made in that city each year in early March.

2009 had brought some unexpected twists in my life and Robbie was right by my side, helping me get through. She had the astute ability to make even the most difficult situations easier with a smile and a laugh. Lending an ear to listen and giving sensible feedback was Robbie's secret sauce.

She and Russ completely understood when I opted not to join the Jays fun in St. Louis that year. Sensing my feeling of last minute regret in staying back, Robbie came up with her Flat Sandy idea. I had no idea of what she cooked up until the pictures started showing up in to texts to me.

Following the Flat Stanley story line of children's book, Robbie cut out my mug complete with a Bluejay decal on my cheek and created a Flat Sandy. This paper doll was dressed as a cheerleader, but was outfitted with Ugg boots, a spare "going out" outfit, and Coach purse. Sandy Lane stayed home, but Flat Sandy was raring to go.

The usual suspects went on the road trip to Missouri with Flat Sandy belted in. The video of the complete adventure is in this link, Fun with Flat Sandy video. While back in Omaha trying to cope with my new life, I had many laughs while receiving the plethora of texts and pictures on Flat Sandy's adventures that weekend. My friends were having a blast and so was I (both of me).

A highlight of a random Flat Sandy moment was in the check out line at the hot tub store. As the young man rung me up, a beep sounded from my phone indicating a text message. The message was from Russ and read "The Mayor says Hi" and a picture popped up with no other than Mayor Mike Fahey wearing his classic smile while holding my flat image. I showed the young worker. "Wow," was his response, a bit confused. "The Mayor is holding a paper doll of you." Yep, exactly. Thanks, Rob.


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