March 16, 2013: Gaming Extraordinaire

Ben and Grant happy with their latest trade
I tell my kids I have gaming skills. Obviously this is a joke. The few times they did hand me their controllers, it was only a matter of seconds before my guy died or I was defeated. Since I am never quite sure the goals of these various video games, I'm not quite sure how I lost. But definitely a loser; that's me.

I get the "seriously, Mom" look frequently when I call their PS2 a DS4, SuperDuper NintendoHD or XGameIV. There are way too many numbers and initials involved with these gaming systems that don't seem to ever be compatible. Sure seems like a scam from an outsider looking in. Just when they have everything for one system, a new "gotta have it" game comes out for a different one.

The latest rage for my gamer children is trading in old games for new or new for old; depending on their preference of the day. Game Stop knows them well. Today they were thrilled to come home with a "vintage" play system. They purchased a Super Nintendo which is "so old, Mom...from when you were in college!" The good old days.

My kids are correct on the timeline. It was when I was in college that our first Nintendo came under the Christmas tree. We played Track & Field, Mario, and Donkey Kong until wee hours of the morning. I actually wasn't horrible either. I could probably brush up on my skills and hang with the boys on their new yet vintage Nintendo. They may even be impressed. Hmmmm...we'll see.


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