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May 30, 2015: Sleepy Circle

Our windows are cracked on a beautiful May Saturday night. The only sounds are the chirping of birds from nearby trees and a distant hum of car engines. Lawns are mowed and trash bins quietly put away without a sound of human in range.

Home from a movie and dinner, Garrett and I are greeted only by our happy animals. Grant is out fishing with friends without a thought of hanging out at home. We haven't seen Ben's smiling face since Thursday morning when he left for his summer job. A text this morning let me know he was safely at his dad's.

A lot has changed in the fifteen years since we first inhabited this house. My recent addiction to watching home video tapes has been a stark reminder of this. Each converted DVD runs about 2 hours and I watch them from start to finish, noticing the little life details that were temporarily forgotten.

December 2000 was our move in date to Elm Circle. This was right before Grant's first Christmas. The boys were seven, four, and nine …

May 24, 1015: Slow Down...

The thought for the day, my friends.....slow down.

This theme keeps resurrecting itself amidst the chaos around me. And by the sounds of the conversations and interactions I have with my friends, I am not alone.

Having a three day weekend ahead of me sounded like pure bliss. With the less than stellar weather forecast, I planned on working non-stop for the entire weekend. A time to play catch-up; both for work and household duties that have been staring at me from my carefully sketched out to-do list.

Go, go, go...the current story of our lives. With hefty work goals and busy kids dominating our time, Garrett and I try to keep true our workout schedule and date nights. Neither get gold stars, but we're trying. And the kids are older. By appearances, they would seem collectively self-sufficient.

But my dear friend Robbie hit the nail on the head in her explanation to me on growing kids many moons age. Although Robbie and I are the same age, Robbie's kids are 5ish years older t…

May 19, 2015: Let's Take a Selfie...

A fun night with long-time friends, grown-up nieces, and a sweet baby girl. Blissful and relaxing. That pretty much sums up my night.

Sometimes the best things in life are often the ones that come by surprise. The last minute invitation. An unexpected open night. Laughs from memories of years back and days just past.

Life has been hectic. I often forget the day of the week. Although I deem this year a 'bye year' with no graduations or major life changes for my kids, the pace of my own life makes up for it.

My salvation is the mission of my work that drives me and those around me. My sanity is gained from my entertaining boys and date nights with my husband. Throw in a good girls night out and I am dreamy. Torpedoes? Not a chance. I'm golden.

Ben came home from college. My initial feeling was joy. And then that excitement died down when reality sunk in. The horrors of the summer after the freshman year in college. A big torpedo.

New found independence. Late nights. The res…

May 9, 2015: Caregiver

As we approach the opening date of our new healthcare clinic, I am reminded of what has inspired me to take the leap of faith in joining this great venture.

Although my area is finance, what I do and what motivates me is much deeper.

A Midlands Business Journal article from years ago hangs on my office wall. It articulates some bits behind this motivation. Back in 1996 I was named as one of the 'Ten Outstanding Young Omahans'. The MBJ individually interviewed and ran an article on each honoree. I was asked by the reporter how I became interested in healthcare with my background in accounting.

I told the reporter the story of my grandpa who had a stroke when I was in high school. I had spent months accompanying my grandma to the hospital, 45 miles away, as a support to her as she cared for her recovering husband. While my grandpa was painfully learning how to walk and talk again, I observed from the sidelines of the rehab room. When he would rest, I would wander the hospital h…