March 25, 2013: Never a Dull Moment

A Scheel's run after dinner

I hear parents complain about their kids not knowing the art of playing. Not at my house. No doubt I would prefer that video games were outlawed, but my boys do know how to have fun and play. And play means the good old fashion way; being outside, making up games, wrestling, creating...the good stuff.

Tonight was a good night. All three boys sat around the kitchen table for dinner. Both Stefano and Garrett were here to join us too which was frosting on the cake. The dinner conversation centered around hockey, weekend fun, sports, and boy jokes. There were many smiles. The lack of table manners was covered up by the enthusiasm in their non-stop dialogue.

My boys are just plain fun. Their methods to make their mother laugh does draw them many "byes". Too many, I'm sure, as I am quite sure they use these tactics to game the system. Oh well. Consider me gamed. Like my mom always said, sugar is better than vinegar.

(side note...check the video Zach pulled together on his hockey goal making abilities. My boys are hockey nuts and have been playing non-stop street hockey since we went to the Blackhawks game; regardless of outside temperature <smile>)


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