March 2, 2013: Running Nostalgia

With Zach in 1993. My left ACL in better days.
I miss my ACL. And I am going to miss my runs. This morning was the first time these longing thoughts hit me like a two-by-four. My travel and running buddy, Cindy, went out for a run along Lakeshore Drive this morning. I was back in my hotel room icing my knee. A cousin e-mailed me asking for my thoughts on a baby runner purchase. <sigh>. Other than the end of my pregnancies, have I ever been out of commission and not enjoying this much needed running therapy? Nope.

So, in order to make me feel better (other than the forthcoming wine over lunch with Cindy), I will share a little running nostalgia. The question on baby runner choice sure gave me a smile. It got me into the bowels of an old blog post on my use of that previously owned contraption. The story is as follows...

My parents bought me one of the best presents (or better phrased...most used present) I ever received:  a baby runner as a Mother's Day gift in 1993. Zach was a 4 week old babe. I had to wait a couple of weeks before testing out my new gift. The pediatrician advised me to wait until Zach was 6 weeks before allowing him to ride in the runner (neck strength). I was so excited, waiting for the day of freedom where I could take my little bundle of joy out into the fresh air and enjoy a run together.

The day came and I had little Zach Man decked out in his best outfit...including shoes (the need at 6 weeks?? Good question) and a matching hat; ready to be an "easy rider". It was glorious. And he loved it. My only regret is not putting an odometer on this mobile invention. I can't even begin to guess the number of miles logged by the time I retired it fourteen years and three kids later.

Each kid showed their individual personality as my sidekick in the runner. Zach was always the perfect first child as my companion; rarely fussed and just enjoyed the ride. Since he was my only at the time, we had the benefit of running free whenever I felt the urge.

Benny, on the other hand, was a wild man and constant entertainer. As a chubby infant with a big smile, he caught every one's eye and attention. As a toddler, he almost always brought a form of food or refreshment with him.  Favorite memories are of Ben in the runner sucking on a Popsicle or lollipop.  Once he brought a piece of cake on a plate and ate it with a plastic fork as I pushed him on a run.  People would just bust a gut when they saw me slaving over pushing this smiley guy while he savored his sweets.

As for Grant, I couldn't get him out of the runner. I believe he was seven when I finally had to point out to him the fine print with weight limit restrictions. Only then could I convince him that he was, in fact, too old and too heavy to safely ride in this contraption.

<sigh> There will be good times again on the trail; no doubt and with no baby runner. Back to the ice and rehab....

Some hugs after a run
(left knee/ACL looked good, didn't it?...
okay, I'll let it go now)


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