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April 25, 2015: No Barbie Birthdays

Today Zach asked me to go with him to Cabela's to look at guns.

"Sure" was my answer.

After 22 years of boys, I am numb to answer any other way. Guns, hockey, baseball, fishing, sports trivia, action figures and action movies...I am now a pro. I would know no other way of life.

When the boys were small, I used to kid them that there would be no Barbie Doll birthdays for me. Then the  gave me a Barbie as a birthday gift one year. Although they kind of missed the point, I gave them an 'A' for effort.

We started our Chicago trips during their teenage years to follow our love for our Chicago teams. When my friends (moms of girls) talked about day-long, shop-til-you-drop days on the Miracle Mile...I was scoping out best tickets for the Blackhawks and Bulls.

Birthday parties over the years were filled with mounds of smelly and dirty boys who closed out the sleep-over nights with pick up games of sandlot baseball and backyard football. My living room would be filled w…