March 24, 2013: Story Time

Mom catching a ride with little sister, Kathy
My mom is my biggest blogger fan (thanks, Mom!). But the truth of the matter is that she is the master memory-holder and story teller. She holds the coveted position of curator of the family genealogy files. A fetish for details, Mom sleuths every hole in the family history timelines and traces names of the unrecognized faces in the old family photos. She's a pro.

And Mom has an eye for a great photo. She finds the treasures hiding in old albums. The best photos carry a story. There is nothing better then when my e-mail lights up after she stumbles on a good one. The above photo came with the note below. I love the the naturalness to the snapped picture; with Kathy pulling up the back of her dress and my mom working on her ladylike posture.

"I was going to Briar Cliff at the time. Not sure about the Microbus' year. We didn't have it very long. However, David had many a "party" in it when he was a senior. All of us were extremely embarrassed to be seen in it as there were none others - for sure none others in the county. It was a dog. Dad was ahead of his time....we drove Karmann Ghia's & VW's when no one else had even heard of them. God bless Mom & Dad....we miss them!"


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