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September 10, 2017: Halfway There?

I vividly remember being asked as a child to describe what I hoped to have accomplished by age fifty. This thought was inconceivable to my young mind.

"Fifty? That's ancient!" or something close to that was my roadblock to answering this question. So I answered with the stereotypical; married with children and grandchildren, living in a comfy home and....knitting by the fire??

But here I am almost to this milestone. The big one. So what are my thoughts now with my more mature forty-nine-year-old mind?

"I made it!!!!! YES!"

Yep, I'm thrilled. I can truly say that I have never dreaded a birthday or wished to be young again. Every wrinkle is earned and with every new ache, a reminder to enjoy the good health I have today. Reversal is not an option.

A wise person once told me that getting older was much better than the alternative. I have always held this thought close to heart. Every day really is a blessing.

This birthday will be celebrated taking in the bea…