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August 2, 2015: Let Him Ride the Damn Bike

The title of this blog is very appropriate. At least from my current perspective.

'Let him ride the damn bike.'

Yesterday I needed a break from e-mail and the busyness of work. An endeavor that never seems to reduce. One of my guilty indulgences of the day was watching some old videos that I recently had restored.

It was all good fun until I reached the segment recorded in the clip above. With Ben over my shoulder, we watched me 'helicopter' my eldest as he learned to ride his bike.

Even Ben commented, "Mom, what were you doing?"

At the time, I thought what I was doing was perfectly normal. What any good mom should be doing. I was helping my son learn to ride his bike. From my vantage point at the time, I was where I needed to be to ensure his safety and to keep him going in the right direction.

But from my current vantage point of observing from my computer screen, fifteen years later, what I saw was completely different.

How could the child even learn with…

July 20, 2015: Time to Slow Down?

The theme for the day for Garrett and I is 'slow down'.

Our experience of spending a total of ten hours at Denver International Airport today will serve as a good reminder.

Life has been hectic and chaotic for us, to say the least. We seem to follow the march of the next battle, going armed into the battlefield without a second thought on our preparedness. Days turn into night and a calendar reminder, our only salvation as a reminder on the day of the week.

Although this is typical for a go-live of a company of our size, Garrett and I aren't used to even a hint of disorganization in our lives. We are both creatures of habit who pride ourselves on a tight calendar and balanced checkbook.

We knew we were falling below the high bar we set for ourselves, but the sequence of today's events felt like a slap in the face from Mother Reality.

The story, you ask? There must be a story? Of course there is a story and I will tell it. With complimentary glass of red wine to my rig…

July 11, 2015: A Day at Think

We survived Week 1. Think. Launch. Go-live. A vision becoming reality.

'Survived' may come across as a word to give pause. But given 300+ employees on their first day in a new job, a newly christened building, and many loyal patients anxious to connect with their trusted physicians; the word is fitting.

And we did just that. With smiles on our faces and perseverance to achieve a common mission of patient-focused healthcare, we combated the obstacles before us. Each day continues to be a step closer to the excellence we will achieve.

In the real world, life happens contrary to our best plans. Just as our sick patients didn't anticipate a trip to the doctor, Think also dealt with the unexpected over the course of our first week of operations.

Exhausted at times, I found myself walking around the building taking in it's beauty and the refreshment of the patient interactions happening throughout. My new routine is to take occasional breaks from numbers and work flow and s…