March 29, 2013: It's Official...Now Formerly of Lutz

Promotion announcement in 1995

It's a wrap. I am officially a Lutz Alumni...former employee..past shareholder. No mounted picture will be displayed on wall memorializing my past work and none is needed. Just a new chapter in my life and as I like to say; it was a good run.

As the boys helped me pack up my office today, Grant asked "Mom, is this weird? Are you sad?" I thought for a moment and knew that although the sentiment was a little bittersweet, I felt fine.

"Grant, when you finish 7th grade, will you be sad to be done or ready for 8th grade?"

"Both, but mostly happy for 8th grade" was Grant's response. Bingo.

As I drove off, I knew that all the people I have shared life with, co-workers and clients, would still be friends. I am only a stone's throw away. The nature of our relationship will just change a bit and no more tax seasons for me <smile>.

After arriving home I dug through some basement files looking for my initial hiring announcement in 1990. I didn't find that particular newspaper clipping, but did find some other vintage Lutz treasures. I had saved a handwritten time sheet from 4/14/91. I worked 82 hours that week. And 75 of those hours were chargeable (for you rate times hours folks!).

I remember that tax season very well. I am quite sure there were no more than 15 total employees at Lutz at the time (now 150ish).  I worked side by side with Jean, Toni and Doris bustling through tax return input and assembly. We used red pencils for changes and were just teetering with technological assistance.

The article below was sent to me from my Grandma Gib. I love seeing her handwriting on pieces of memorabilia like this. I also found my first work evaluation which was given shortly after that first tax season. It's funny to read because there were seven people above me in the firm participating in the eval.

For each section, a score was given to me by an unidentified #1 thru #7. It was typed on an old typewriter with the photocopy looking pre-historic. I remember trying to figure out who each of the numbers represented. The overall final comment (representing the collective seven) was "doing an outstanding job - keep it up! We feel you have tremendous potential - your level of responsibility will increase."

It kind of sounds like a fortune cookie, doesn't it? On that note, Grant is begging me to go to Panda. I love a good fortune. If it's a telltale sign of my future, I'll let you know!


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