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April 14, 2016: Time to Launch (Part II of III)

When we deny the story, it defines us. When we own the story, we can write a brave ending.

I love this quote. Our story is our very own. The key is that we own it and learn from it. And then with that great knowledge, we script our own ending.

My 90 days+ off gave me the piece of mind to reflect on my journey to date. My work life. My home life. My faith life. I spent a lot of time carefully reflecting on my past. With my main goal to best determine my purpose in life, this perspective was vital. My quest to fulfill my purpose meant owning my story.

Over a conversation with my brother last weekend, I was reminded that my siblings and I have been paying into the Social Security system since the mid-70's. Work and experience in a variety of endeavors is not something lacking with the Wagner kids. We walked beans as soon as we were old enough to go to school. Before I was out of high school I had babysat extensively, detassled corn, worked at a small town drive-in and waitressed at a …

April 1, 2016: Time to Launch (Part I of III)

My 90 days off is over. I actually hit the 90 day mark about a month ago. Which leads to a small confession. I gave myself an extension about halfway through my time off. I quickly realized how glorious it was to pull away from making any major decisions and just enjoy life for a while.

But I also knew that launching into a new career and starting a new chapter in my life would require some more time and planning. Time for decisions to be made and plans to be executed. Time to launch.

I have learned a ton about myself and life and much to share. But first off, I believe a recap of the last months is in order...

My 90 days off
I left my position in healthcare finance on a sunny Monday afternoon in early December. Although my departure was unexpected, I have always had a Plan B. And my Plan B was to take time off. Time to do nothing but enjoy my wonderful blessing of life.

Reflecting a bit last year, it was very apparent to me that my life had been full of the crazy train. Working throu…