April 9, 2013:The Drover and Some Hurleys

The boys after enjoying whiskey steaks
(the displayed ball is a sliotar)
"We love Morgan!" was the exclamation tonight by my soon-to-be thirteen year old. Our Irish friend arrived on American land bearing gifts for the Lane Boys. As most know, my boys love everything hockey, football, and rugby. Today they were introduced the the Irish game of hurling. They are now the proud owners of four hurley sticks with accompanying sliotar balls.

As we sat at the Drover waiting for a table (adults sipping adult beverages and the kids, Shirley Temples), the boys Googled everything hurley. They now know all the intricate details of this Irish game with cool wood paddles. I am a bit worried now for broken windows and bruised faces at my house. Not a sport for the faint of heart.

With bellies full of the wonderful Drover whiskey steaks with great American/Irish conversation, my very content boys are obsessed with their new hurley sticks. The Sharpie has been pulled to personalize and engrave rights to each stick. It is feeling like an Irish Christmas around the Lane house.

More to come I am sure. It's sounding like groves of boys will be checking out this new sport in my circle this weekend. I will have to fire up my own grill to feed the troops and check out this game. It may not be up the the standards of the Drover, but I will do my best.


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