April 26, 2013: An Ice Cream Day

Yesterday was an ice cream day. And that doesn't mean that all was well in the world. A McDonald's ice cream cone can be clarity to an unclear day; calm to the restless. Basically if things aren't going right and wine isn't the answer, that ice cream cone will do the trick.

Why not Dairy Queen, you ask? Because my fifty-four cent splurge (tax included) makes me feel even better. My parents shared this trick with me. On our many road trips, we would go out of our way to find a McDonald's with this inexpensive treat. A vanilla cone is a cone is a cone...just a lot less expensive from McDonald's.

That cone was enjoyed over many great conversations with my parents. I think of them and smile when I follow their lead as a solo act; an indulgence I am happy they shared.

Yesterday was also an ice cream day because of the awesome spring weather. With my sun roof open and shades on, I enjoyed my cone and a little drive. There was no purpose to my drive, other than to enjoy my ice cream and some fresh air. All with the enjoyment of Billy Joel singing Piano Man with me. A good way to end the night.


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