April 16, 2013: The Gift of a New Day

My little spring birdie greets me in the morning
Everyone needs a new day on occasion. There is nothing better than the gift of a fresh start. A morning filled with a sunrise and a good night's sleep provides just that. On the craziest of days, there is always the consolation of a new day welcoming us the next morning.

I am a believer in second chances on both large (life-changing) and small (a good night's sleep) scales. Being human provides us with many opportunities to make mistakes by saying the wrong things, saying them the wrong way, or just making poor choices. Even those who try the hardest still wish they had do-overs on occasion. It's part of being human.

Most of us want to do our best with the goal of a low personal defect ratio. But perfect will never happen. Flaws happen. Trying to keep them to a minimum is commendable, but still don't make life mistakes avoidable. On the days where calamities seem to be abundant, there is always the solace of a new day. And that is a gift.


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