April 23, 2013: When There were Two

Benny and Zach just being Benny and Zach
I have kept journals over the years to document funny kid moments. Yesterday I stumbled across a journal I kept in the late nineties. Ben was a toddler and Zach was just starting school. Below are some entries that gave me the biggest smiles. Funny how I forgot most of these events until I read them again. I am going to proclaim "mission accomplished" on the time I took to write in these journals. Lost memories have now been resurrected :)

Zach and I went for a bike ride today (55 degrees). He wanted badly to go to the "red park". Wearing his helmet, Zach tried to convince me to ride to his park of choice. "I am a very, very good boy and I always wear my helmet so I won't bleed all over the street." Later Zach said "Tell me a story, Mom." After telling two stories to my companion on the bike next to me, I asked him to then tell me a story. "I can't. I'm too busy with the wind" was his response.

Ben (20 months old) grabs my finger and pulls me to what he wants. Today he pulled me to the front door, handed me my car keys and said "bye-bye". Let's assume he wanted to go with me :)

Ben and I went for a run in the baby runner today. Ben came up with a fun game. He would pull his stocking cap down over his face when he saw people coming and then would growl at them.

Zach was being naughty and was sent to bed early. In between his crying, he used the following pleas in trying to convince me to let him out of his room:

"You hurt my feelings really really bad and broke my heart."
"You can't have me anymore. I'm going to have myself."
"You don't love me anymore."
"Can't you hear me crying???"
"No more surprises. I won't buy you presents any more."

In the car driving on Dodge Street, I hear from Zach in the back seat, "Oh MY GOSH, Mommy, Mommy!! I'm big now-I can see out the window! I am SO big now!!"

I am home sick with the flu. Zach asks why I am home. After I tell him I'm sick, he's decides he is going to get me medicine to make me feel better. As he walks up the stairs he stops. "But what does medicine look like?" Later I ask for a kiss. Zach hesitantly asks, "Did you throw up out of your mouth?"

As I gave the fall tithing sermon at church, Zach sat quietly in our pew; listening with the rest of the congregation. I later asked him what I talked about to see if he was actually listening. "Mom, you talked about Jesus and money. A lot about money, but nothing about love." Out of the mouths of babes.

Zach was anxious to open a gift mailed from Grandma and Grandpa. Begging to open his Christmas gift and certain Grandpa will say it's okay, I tell him he must get Grandpa's approval first. I dial the number on the phone and hand it to Zach. He excitedly waits to ask the big question. I hear him say "Please, please! Can I open just one??" Then Zach hands the phone back to me. "What did he say?" I asked. Zach shrugs his shoulders and tells me, "Grandpa said, 'sorry, son, you have the wrong number'."

Benny does everything to try to sleep in our bed. Last night when Ben was trying to sneak in our room, Zach yelled from across the hall, "Benny is going into your room, Mom!" I yell back (a bit exasperated), "If he does, he's getting a spanking!!" Without hesitation a hear a little voice outside my door say, "How hard?"


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