April 18,2013: What Exactly is an Ordinary Day?

Loving my beer mug at the Blatt!
Sometimes I think it is just best to resign myself to the fact that there is no such thing as an ordinary day. Today was one of those days. It's best to just go with the flow.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that God is testing me. He is testing me to not be enamored with people with money or status. He is testing me to do the right things for the right reason. He is testing me to stay true to my core values. Although I do think I am passing the test, it's not always easy. Life is never easy or rational. And my kids sure do a good job pulling me back to reality.

I always have to remind myself of the things that matter; my family and loved ones. That it's the journey that brings the experiences and the fun to life. Relationships matter. They matter a lot. The people who you surround yourself with are an extension of yourself.

Each day brings new challenges and joys. And it really is a mixed bag. Days like today, I just shake my head and smile. The day started with my waking up in the middle of the night (wee morning) to thunder that sounded like a tornado. Although I am typically a great sleeper, I sat straight up in bed waiting for the tornado siren. No siren...back to bed...but not a restful sleep.

Kids to school. Sandy off to the races. Physical therapy... torrent winds...work meetings. More work meetings at the Blatt downtown. A call from Zach on his day. Sandy orders a beer (4:00 Happy Hour). The nice bar waitress brings it in a cute cowboy boot cup. Ben sends a text asking if I have his dad and my wedding video. Can he watch? <huh?>

Lots of laughs and stories with my colleagues  A couple more cryptic texts from Ben. My knee is actually feeling better. Life is feeling back to normal (my new normal). Off to the airport to pick up Garrett and then out for sushi (thousands of miles away from the sea). Welcome to my ordinary day. I would rate it a good one.


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