April 13, 2013: A Little Resistence

My ride as of late
One day short of one month post-surgery, I added a little resistance. And it felt good. It really is the small things in life, isn't it? After thirty days of exercise equating to calisthenics for geriatrics, I was due to sweat; even if it was a small bit. Today was that day. I was officially cleared to add some resistance to my stationary bike.

Instead of a twenty-five mile ride through the rolling hills of West Omaha, I pedaled five; never leaving my garage. A friend lent me a stationary stand for my bike and Stefano kindly set it up for me. I face looking out of my third car garage.

Garrett questioned why I didn't have this stationary set up in my house. I wanted none of that. Biking facing the great outdoors with the crispness of the air is the closest thing to a real bike ride for me right now. And I like it.

Ben added flavor by shooting hoops and entertaining me with his ever-lively conversation. He even brought me a bottled water. "Mom, you're actually sweating," was his comment. Yep, sweating never felt so good.

I think this is the start of something good. Hopefully next week I can add more tension and then maybe a jog two weeks after that?? Hmmmm....one day at a time. If you can't find me, just check in my third car garage. I'm not going any where any time soon.


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