April 24, 2013: Goulash

I love making goulash. Today was a goulash day. It's one of Zach's favorite foods. He was over to mow my lawn and asked the question "What's for lunch?" My response of goulash was a welcomed suggestion.

The recipe is my mom's. I refer to her handwritten note each time I make it. This is why I love goulash. I love to read Mom's note with the specific instructions on preparing this concoction. The paper is stained and weathered and stored loosely in my Joy of Cooking cookbook (a gift from my mom).

I love my old cookbooks with notes from grandmothers and aunts on favorite recipes. I have entire cookbooks that were typed on an old typewriter and bound. Most give credit to the cook. A favorite cookie from childhood can be found by locating my neighbor's name in the Remsen Oktoberfest recipe book published in the 70's. In this treasure are newspaper snippets and handwritten recipes tucked throughout it's pages.

As I boil my tomato juice, I smile at Mom's doddle markings and smiley face directing me to the back side of the paper. Below is what triggers the smile. Mom must have written down this recipe on the back of a letter my brother had written as a small boy. At some point, she must have noticed his cute question on her scratch paper. It gives me a smile each time I read it. Yep, I love goulash day...


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