April 20,2013: Pour Some Sugar on Me

Kori and Robbie in the days of big glasses and big hair
Deep in my basement is a classic VHS video clip of Robbie and Kori singing their best Def Leppard rendition of "Pour Some Sugar on Me". With big glasses and big hair these sister-in-laws-in-crime put on a great show. And twenty-plus years later, it is brought up at every family wedding reception.

I now know why my sixteen year-old sent a text a couple days past, asking for a viewing. It is a cult classic. One that was obviously brought up at the rehearsal dinner among the twenty-something age group.

I wish I had the actual clip to share or a picture of that moment of time. The best I can do today are the pictures of Robbie and Kori above taking during that same era. I can also provide a descriptive that may help with your visual.

Picture a video camera the size of a small shoe box, propped on a tri-pod. Picture a very young Robbie in her "Sally Jesse Rapheal" glasses and a peach lace bridesmaid's dress. Picture Kori by her side with bangs sprayed an inch high while wearing a trendy striped sailor dress.

With arms around each other and the look of two barmaids in an Irish pub, they belted out this song...word for word. And so it goes down in VHS history and in our own memory banks. A tribute to closing out the eighties? A young mom letting loose? A forecast of many more years of friendship and fun for these ladies? All of the above. XOXOX

Our bride, Lisa, got to enjoy the original Robbie/Kori show
and then again at her own wedding last night :)


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