April 1, 2013: Sick

The view from my bed :(
I'm sick. And unfortunately for me this is no April Fool's joke. The good news is that I don't feel as bad as being hit by a truck (my historic telltale sign of pneumonia). Instead, the quick diagnosis to my ailment is a cold bug. The quickness of this diagnosis is from my reaping the benefit of working in healthcare. Being surrounded by clinicians daily, I am many times diagnosed before I even know I'm sick. Today they were right on all accounts.

After a couple of very lively trips to an unnamed retail pharmacy, I was reminded of why I have changed career paths and more importantly; why the deliver of healthcare needs to change. I can't imagine how this would have all played out without my "ins" to the system. More to come on that at a future date!

For now I will embrace the many challenges God has put in front of me today. There were definite wins, but much pain from other fronts too. All in a days work, I suppose. So now I will tip my Robitussin med cup in the air for a "cheers" and a good night.  XOXOX


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