April 14, 2013: A Teenager...Really??

Grant and Abby at a much younger age
Grant is thirteen today. How did that happen? I had a similar response when he began kindergarten. I sat at kindergarten round-up and kept counting on my fingers the number of years since his birth (the technique of any good accountant). My Baby Grant couldn't possibly be five. There must have been a mistake. Low and behold, no mistake. My little tot really did start school on time. It was only Mom who didn't see it coming.

The next milestone that caught me off guard was the significance of his birthday today; the big thirteen. A teenager. Wow. I don't have enough fingers to recount those years. I'm going to have to trust the system on this one. Just over a year from starting high school. Three years from driving. Five years from graduation. <gasp>. Stop!

I used to tease that Grantman was akin to Matthew McConaughey's character in Failure to Launch. I had visions of a grown man living in my basement, calling up for his sippy cup and round-and-round crackers (Ritz crackers for those who aren't tracking).

I could barely get him out of his crib at age three. I carried him on my hip until his legs dangled too low at age four. He kept his blankie (dat) until it fell apart at age eight and just last month he let us give his stuffed animals to Goodwill.

I really thought I would be nudging Grant in his journey into adulthood. Fortunately or unfortunately, this doesn't seem to be the case. When I asked if he wanted me to take him to his lacrosse tournament in KC yesterday, his response was "can I carpool with my friends instead?" The tell tale signs of teenage independence are rearing their head.

The birthday boy does want me to go to dinner with him tonight, so I haven't been completely excluded at this point. Although an annoyance to him at times, he doesn't view me as grossly uninformed on life (yet). Another victory.

Grant may not stay parked in my basement, but I'm optimistic that he will be great company once he launches...and that 25th birthday will be here in the blink of an eye!



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