April 29, 2013: Day One RI

A great seafood dinner in Newport
First off, Happy Birthday to Ben Lane!! The big 17. Thank-you for letting me sing you the happy birthday song when I woke you up. Sorry that I failed again as a mother by not calling in to school and allowing you to miss your first class. I did not realize that every other good mother in the world did this on their child's birthday. I am hoping the $20 you find after school will make it all a distant memory.

As for me, I forgot about the birthday boy being mad at me by the time I made it to the airport. My flight left by 10:10 and my adventure began. Garrett and I met with our flights adjoining in Chicago and then on to Providence. We rarely get to fly together, so this leg of our trip, in and of itself, was a treat.

The Rhode Island temps are at 60 with the tiny state just starting to burst in blossoming color. Garrett was quick to point out the many tulips we saw surrounding the old houses and mansions. There were some pink beauties that I am going to have to consider adding to my flower garden next year.

After some great conversation on the need for both of us to drop a few pounds, Garrett quickly pointed out that our diet of fresh seafood and vegetables would be in our favor this week. He was so right. After a meeting reception and some great conversation with computer vendors, we followed the hotel recommendation of dining at The Mooring at Sayer's Wharf.

Garrett picked two dishes that we shared; seared scallops and a tasty grilled salmon over asparagus. And it was glorious. Although we wondered if we were unduly swayed based on our starvation level (in my quest to lose a few, I was living off of coffee and rationed almonds on the plane), our final analysis was that our taste buds were correct in their analysis; regardless of our hunger level.

Back to a day of coffee and almonds for me as I anxiously await what dinner has in store tonight. We will be in a day-long conference on healthcare computer technology, so exploring the East Coast will have to wait until tomorrow. But wine and dinner is always on the agenda; regardless of work!


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