April 4:2013: A Day of Two Sided Conversations

An awesome afternoon with my aunties

Yesterday was an excellent day full of TWO sided conversations. And it was just what the doctor ordered. The main event was my Aunt Rebecca in town on a visit and an afternoon enjoying the company of three of my aunts. The weather was perfect as we sat out on the patio of DJ's Dugout in Aksarben Village.

Rebecca, now a Washington D.C. resident, lived in Omaha through the 70's. All three of my aunts lived in Omaha at that time. They recalled many Omaha memories relating the this strip of Aksarben land, now a bustling hot spot in Omaha. Rebecca told the story of the big tornado of 1975. With thousands of people at the Aksarben horse track that day, miraculously the tornado's path just missed this populated spot.

As I sat back, enjoying my glass of Chardonnay and the gorgeous afternoon, I listened to my aunts update me on their families, stories of the past, and interests of today. It was nothing short of bliss. I do have some awesome aunties and it is such a treat when we can get together and share life a bit.

A second treat was presented to me on my late flight to Denver. I ran into a friend, Leslie, who saved me a seat next to her on the plane. Behind us was an old friend whom I hadn't seen in years. More conversations and catching up. A pleasant surprise.

My night ended with a date night. After picking me up from the airport, Garrett and I grabbed a drink and apps in Downtown Littleton's Bernie's. Face-to-face conversation and smiles always go hand-in-hand with date night. I think the girl in the bubble has officially come out! Amen to that.


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