January 9, 2013: The Network Investment Club

I was recently asked to join a women's investment club. The official name is the "Network Investment Club". Although the name initially makes me think of either a Disney channel show or the African woman detective series,  I have quickly learned that this club comprised of twenty Omaha women is much more than the name reveals. This "by invitation only" group of twenty meets monthly to analyze their combined portfolio. In the over 30+ years in existence, the result has been a sizable pot of change. I was surprisingly impressed with the accomplishments of this group from my first meeting as an invited guest.

Tonight as a member referred to herself as "newer" member (she had been in the club for 16 years), I sat back as the "very new" member of two months trying to comprehend the number of years ahead before I would be christened a seasoned member. I guess low turn over is a good thing, right?

As I took in this very eclectic group, I couldn't help but smile. Life is all about relationships and the joy of the journey. I am by far the youngest of the club (average age...60) with a membership made of of philanthropists, retired judges, business owners, community leaders, and stay-at-home moms. Yep...my kind of crowd...diversity in human experience. AND they drink wine :)

I was given my first assignment as member of the Network Investment Club. I am to research Apple stock. A good buy or overpriced??  Sounds like a great book report is due. I haven't had an exciting assignment like this in years. I remember hearing Warren Buffet once say that if he could pick his dream job it would be an investigative reporter. In reality, that was what he actually does at Berkshire. Hmmm...I think I would be good at that job! Great advise, Warren...let the investigation begin...


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