January 15, 2013: Busy Days Come and Go...

Greeting me in my mailbox after a busy day

Today would be classified as a busy day. A very busy day. The Irish Invasion continues. This is basically my code phrase for the whirlwind associated with my new business venture. Add to an already busy day...a funeral, out-of-town client visit, Lutz Creighton pre-game party (750+ attendees made up of employees, clients and friends of the firm), and of course, the Creighton game. <sigh>.

My kids stepped up to the plate with limited assistance. They successfully held down the fort until I walked in the welcoming door of my home at 9:30 p.m. <sigh>. After a quick dinner (no time to eat during the evening whirlwind), Grant grabbed the mail for me. In the stack was the beautiful envelope in the picture above.

I had written in a previous blog how my mom sends me a handwritten note each week. Her notes are a welcomed paper gift that always seem to arrive perfectly timed on the busiest of days. Today's card was a special treat. She hand-painted both the envelope and the card (did I mention that my mom is very talented?). You can see the detail of her flower design and the background watercolors used for the addresses. The biggest smile came from her use of my maiden name, "Sandy Wagner". Love it that I haven't gone by that name in 23 years, but mom frequently forgets and refers to me in my childhood name.

Reading her small cursive handwriting with specific details of her quiet day and simple, yet fulfilling, projects at hand was the message I needed to hear. Although not written in words, my mom's great advice to her overly busy daughter came through loud and clear. "Sandy, slow down. You are a human being, not a human doing" is a continuous message given from mother to daughter.

In her very delicate mom-like-way, she was indirectly reminding me to stop and smell the roses. Reading her note on her very ordinary, but glorious day was the message I needed to hear. The ordinary days really are the best, aren't they? Time to slow down. I am probably missing some great stuff. Thanks, Mom.


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