January 22, 2013: I am a Salt Addict

I wanted to title this blog "I Don't Like Chocolate". But the typical responses of "you can't be female" or "no way!" detracted from the admission of my counter addiction: anything close to a chip or cracker. The Lays catch phrase "you can't eat just one" definitely applies to me.

So, yes it is true. I don't like chocolate. In particular, I hate the aftertaste. Although I ate some chocolate as a kid, I really thought of it more as requirement of childhood rather than a craving. I did have a bad incident with a cheap chocolate Easter bunny. Whether my throwing up was due to the very chocolate bunny (no hollowness in that mound of magic) or my excessive consumption of hard-boiled Easter eggs will remain one of life's great mysteries. I do like to blame my chocolate aversion on that fateful bunny though.

One could assume I would be thin and modelesque with a diet less this food choice , but unfortunately this is not the case. As fate would have it, my lack of desire to consume chocolate has been replaced with the calorie for calorie substitute of anything salty and processed. My guilty pleasures include greasy BBQ potato chips (the cheaper the brand, the better the chip), any cracker ever made, popcorn, and tortilla chips. Throw in a salt-rimmed margarita with chips and salsa and I am one happy girl.

I am going to have to blame my chip fetish on having an uncle who drove the Hiland chip truck as a child. We had free reign to grab those little packages of pleasure whenever visiting his home in LeMars. At my own home growing up, my brothers would hide the Saltine crackers to ensure there would be some left for their bowls of chili. Guilty as charged. So as the Doritos are calling my name from the downstairs pantry, I will sip on my healthy water and convince myself that an apple (green with salt, mind you) is a much better choice.


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