January 14, 2013: I Love Omaha

I love Omaha. I really do. I never really thought about my adoration for this fair city until three years ago. This was when I started dating my boyfriend from Denver and the never-ending question of "when are you going to move to Denver?" began. Note to clear up that question for any inquiring minds: my kids live in Omaha, thus I will live in Omaha. So basically my adoration for the city is a mute point as it relates to my residence. But I will share anyway.

Don't get me wrong. Denver is great. It's like living in the middle of nature's playground. People have the Midwestern attitude there as well. I love to spend my many weekends with Garrett in Denver as we enjoy skiing, hiking and taking in all the city has to offer. But I sure don't think there is a geographical injustice to my perceived parental obligation in Omaha. I felt this today on my morning drive across town.

With an early morning flight, I was meandering Abbott Drive pre-6:00 a.m. After a hasty drop off (we were running a tad late), Garrett and I began our weekday hustle and our multi-state lives. I had a bit of time on my hands before my first meeting so I chose a scenic route to midtown. In the dark calm of the morning, the city felt like a warm blanket to me. Even with my twenty-four years of residency, every little side road and neighborhood seems to hold a memory.

I was reminded of runs on the cobble stone roads from many years ago. Bike rides, walks and picnics have been enjoyed at the many small city parks and weddings attended at the neighborhood churches. Seeing the dog walkers and early morning runners made me wonder if old friends still occupied their homes from years ago.

The businesses have changed along the way; not all, but many. The feel and uniqueness of the different neighborhoods is still the same. A friend so eloquently said to me after a chance run in with a common friend this summer "you can't throw a cat in Omaha and not hit someone you know". No doubt a description that is fitting of a big city that has a feel of a small community. Yep, I do like it here. My A-List Preferred status can take me to many great places, but home (at least for now) is a comfortable Omaha.


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