January 4, 2013: Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

This cup was a gift from a friend...love the words and message
As my days of quiet bliss continue, I remember the words of my brother, Mark. Shortly after my divorce and facing the reality of only having my kids every other weekend, I was crying on his shoulder. His words to me still feel fresh..."Spending time away from the boys will make you appreciate them more and them appreciate you more". Although this didn't seem very comforting at the time, the statement has held true in my new world.

The advise had a secondary impact when the unexpected happened; I started a long-distance relationship. Garrett lives in Denver. I live in Omaha. The difference house to house...552 miles. So my calendar is now comprised of kids every other weekend and boyfriend on the opposite weekends. Yes, Mark, through the last three years I have certainly learned to appreciate all four of these men in my life much more than if we were together each day.

Absence (although incredibly difficult at times) does make the heart grow stronger. I don't take for granted the time I do have with those I love and find joy in the simple things. I think it is very fair to say that my lens on life has changed tremendously over the last few years. Time together with the ones you love is a gift. I savor the time and enjoy the anticipation of honeymoon weekends with my man from Denver and Magical Mystery Bus Tours with my boys from Omaha.

I have learned a lesson in life that strongly fills my heart. The greatest assets in life aren't bank accounts, business holdings or personal belongings. The true treasures on earth are relationships. Some are physically near and others far away. All are always on my mind and in my heart as I do grow fonder each day...


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