July, 16, 2013: I'm Back

Sunset from Sunday over Creighton campus
I've been busy. Thus the "summer rerun" schedule with my last two blog posts. The good news is the "reruns" did serve a purpose as I would like to incorporate blog stories from a different site unto this site. The other good news is that it has been a good busy for me. The sky is not falling.

So now it is Tuesday night and it's the first I've really relaxed since the weekend (technically probably since late last week). Breathe, Sandy. <sigh>. Home at 9:30 p.m. with curious boys wondering how my long day went. Good. And home feels good.

What to do? Hmmm. A little catch up with the boys. And then promptly into my swimsuit with a beer out of the garage frig and directly into the hot tub. The moon and stars are spectacular tonight FYI. Happy to relax a bit and enjoy them.

After catching up on world news, social media, and e-mails while hanging with the boys, I asked for suggestions on my blog topic of the night. I am feeling free as a bird, you see, with my new-found, but temporary, freedom. Suggestions ranged from Ben's "write about me, Mom" to Grant's suggestion of our cat, Abby.

Upon reflection I decided to write about nothing. With the hopes that everyone else reading my post is enjoying their own piece of nothing this particular tonight. Sometimes it's good not to think about anything in particular. Mission accomplished.

A picture of an enjoyed sunset with Garrett was instilled in my mind, so I decided share it. Thoughts on a quiet moon. And visions of a morning sunrise to come. Yes, a blog about nothing. Bliss.


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