July 28, 2013: Guardian Angels

We went to Sacred Heart Church today. I love that church. I always leave with full heart. The people are genuine with the same goal; to share a love for Christ together. We pray. We sing. And we even dance in joyful jubilance.

My aunts sing in the choir. They rock it every Sunday. People greet each other warmly as though all long-time friends. The little girl to my right introduced herself as Diana. After holding my hand during the Our Father, she whispered to me that I had a pretty dress. Larry, my guest from Indiana, sat to my left. He loved this community of Sacred Heart and sang right along.

Although all the sermons are great messages, today’s hit home. The visiting priest talked about prayer. His first remark was in reference to a Tweet from the Pope (yes, the Pope Tweets!). The Tweet asked Christians, regardless of their religion, to find a joyful place to pray and celebrate Christ. And yes, Sacred Heart is a very joyful place. A great Tweet, Pope Francis. I love this humble man.

Next the young priest talked about his favorite movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life”. We all know the story about George and the angel, Clarence, sent to save him. The movie started with our hearing all the prayers given to God for George. God hears our entourage of prayers. I believe in the power of prayer. I have lived it and felt it. God has a plan, so not every prayer will feel answered. But God is here for us.

Clarence reminded me of my own guardian angel. As a young girl, I named my angel, Annabelle Elizabeth. I always felt her presence as my invisible friend. There was no doubt in my child mind that she was always with me. Sometime during adolescence I forgot about her. Until today.

Between hearing about Clarence in the sermon and the little Diana sitting next to me, I suddenly remembered my long-lost companion. My mind then scanned back to my life journey since I last thought about Annabelle Elizabeth. A lot of Godwinks have since occurred during that time. The thoughts gave me a smile as I quickly realized my guardian angel hasn't forgotten about me.


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