July 5, 2103: A Day Late and a Thought Later

A snapped pix before a stop for a train
A walk in the park. A run down the lane. A ride on a country road. All great visuals and outdoor excursions. The bike ride is taking the lead for me in "favorite mode of exercise" category.

Biking is great. I'm so glad I was reintroduced to it. In all honesty, reintroduced is an overstatement since my past biking life didn't include biking shorts, jerseys, or clipped shoes. My new days of riding are a much different experience than those of past (i.e. there is much more freedom in riding a bike without totting a toddler on the back).

Thursday we went on a long bike ride. Our start to the Fourth of July holiday. Last year the Fourth riding group stretched to twelve. This year it was only five; including two riders whom I hadn't met before. With quick introductions by our mutual riding friends, our holiday excursion began. And it was a great ride, even though I was the sole female pulling up the rear. My riding comrades were fast, but patient. A good mix for a more leisurely day of riding.

With a stop at a greasy spoon cafe for breakfast, the conversation was good and the omelet special; fantastic. My motto that you can't have too many friends continues to ring through. A great group of guys. Our lives crossed on many fronts that we didn't even know and the dissimilarities, nothing short of interesting.

Hitting the halfway point, three of us were stopped by a Union Pacific train. It was a long beauty, chugging down the track. With a stop and a quick water break, another rider pulled up beside our group. Looking past sunglasses and bike helmets, she and I quickly realized that we were old friends. Serving on the homeless shelter board, we spent much time together many moons ago when our children were tots.

Joining us for a stint, she and I caught up quickly on the last dozen or so years. Our life paths were eerily similar. Information was exchanged and a future bike ride will happen. Long before more years elapse.

A great way to start the Fourth. One full of new friends and old friends. And with forty riding miles under my belt, the day was mine to cease.

I do miss my running friends and I am anxious to reconnect once at the appropriate speed. My ACL works very well on a bike, but the runs are coming around slower. A little too much knee impact, I'm afraid. But it will come back and I will be running down the lane again with my running comrades. I greatly look forward to it. You can never have too many friends.


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