July 9, 2013: It's All in the Accessories

My new hat
I'm a believer in great accessories. A simple black dress can be made into twenty different outfits with the right add-on's. From patterned shoes to a belt with a pop; a new outfit is had. The add of a cardigan or tights can make a previous spring dress, a new fall number.

I bought a hat this weekend. It was inexpensive, but a fun addition to my wardrobe. A great add to a black dress with wedges. Jewelry? So many possibilities. Perhaps my new orange necklace and earring purchase shown below. For a girl who doesn't like to shop, I sure do like my closet.

And the orange necklace and earrings....even more options. With my green dress or hot pink chiffon shirt? The best "new" outfit is one with a throwback old piece. The classic high-waisted black pencil skirt is a staple in my closet. Like my mother, it doesn't age. With a pop of red jewelry or a leopard skin belt, the options seem endless.

I used to love the show "What Not to Wear". I always thought I would be a great add to the Stacy and Clinton combo, helping dress people on a budget. My favorite part of the show was the ending reveal which was a boost to the self-confidence of the "dressee".

No matter a person's size or body type, taking the time to look good and put your best foot forward always feels good. Confidence and a great smile are the most attractive physical features in my opinion. Then add to that, refurbishing an old favorite dress with new inexpensive accessories....pure bliss. That will get me smiling...


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