July 8, 2013: Sunscreen

Mom & Dad
It's my mom's birthday tomorrow. In light of the fact that she doesn't like me eulogizing her, I decided to write a blog about sunscreen in her honor.

Everything sunscreen reminds me of my mom and why we should follow the advice of our parents. You see, my mom has beautiful skin. As you can see in the picture above, her soon-to-be 69 year old skin is that of a 30 year-old. In the seventies, she swore by sunscreen and floppy hats. We thought she was crazy. Obviously she was the smart one.

So I asked mom to locate a past "floppy hat" picture for me. After an exchange of e-mails and my broadening my request to a "picture of her when I was a kid", I received not only great pictures, But in Mary Wagner fashion, I got awesome narrative descriptions for the pictures sent.

This is where I stopped. No blog is necessary. A picture is worth a thousand words, and regardless of the time lapsed; my mom will remember every word. I thought her response and photos were classic Mary. So I will leave it at that. Happy Birthday, Mom. you make me smile :).......

1.  Bicycle: 119 Harrison St; same bicycle as in the photo with Gwen, you & your brothers & Gpa Gib watering the shrubbery.  I made all the clothes we are wearing in the picture. My shorts were light blue chambray; top was a matching blue & white mini check with an appliqued flower done in "mod" style as it was called back in the day. A very large button was centered in the middle of the button. Because I really like the appliqued flower design, I used it for several outfits I sewed for you & me.

Note the window air conditioner on the south side of the house-It kept the dining room very comfortable but less so in the living room.  Not until years later did we have central air installed, and that only cooled the downstairs.  How did the three of you stand it in the summer  with no air upstairs?

2. 1971: The house was decorated in Mediterranean style with colors Harvest Gold & Avocado Green!  Doesn't my hair look fake?  It should - it was one of 2 wigs I owned-the other was a page boy style platinum blond.  The only outfit I made in the picture is the dress I'm wearing using a Vogue pattern-I loved that dress.

3.  August 10, 1975 at Denny & Becky's apartment in Omaha NE.  I don't remember who snapped the picture but we were on our way out the door to eat at restaurant. Was Denny in law school?  I think Becky was out of school & an RN at the time. I made the dress and used the same pattern for 2 other dresses.

4.  November 1977, 612 Harrison, Gib & Marie's house. The Wagner's had a gathering when Connie Stinton was in Iowa for a surprise visit.  (In on the surprise, Jim & I picked up Connie from the Sioux Falls airport and drove to Remsen.)  It was late afternoon & getting dark when we nonchalantly walked into the house to be greeted in the kitchen doorway by Marie exclaiming "Con!!!".  Much to Connie's delight it snowed in Remsen that weekend, .  We have film of Connie & Jay in a snowball fight.

5.  Sadly, I remember working on the dining room furniture very well because Steve Weinreich, on his motorbike or cycle, was run over by a bus in September.  (This project was started in late summer.)  Matt & Steve were friends as were Steve's mom, Jean & I.  The news of Steve's death took my breath away. 

If I could pick something I loved to do more than anything else, it would be working with wood...building, refinishing, whatever.  Together Mark & I demolished the upstairs hall closet in Remsen using mainly a sledge hammer & crowbar.  First we pounded on the plaster to dislodge it from the lathe & then pounded on the 2x4s to loosen them from the wall.  With plaster, lathe, nails, you name it flying everywhere (Now remember, Mark never wasted any time when he got started on something....get this over with!) it was off to the races.  The sizable pile of plaster & lathe had to be taken away with many trips up and down the stairs.  Hard work and a great workout! 

Then there was the indoor/outdoor carpeting that I installed on the stairs to the 2nd floor....NEVER again!!!!!!!  The glue...nasty stuff; the carpeting almost as stiff as a board; the carpet knife--VERY sharp;  knees-VERY sore. 

And now you know the rest of the story.  :)


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