July 4, 2013: Armageddon with the Halpenny's

Lane and Halpenny entertainment
I love the Halpenny's. Anything involving the name Halpenny = fun. The good kind of fun. The kind that feels youthful, no matter the age and with no adult expectations. No expectations to entertain. No expectations to exceed expectations. Good old fashion fun just seems to happen organically. At least when the Halpenny's are involved.

I learned two Halloweens ago that my friends, Brian and Laurie Halpenny, are not the only fun ones with this namesake. I was invited to the Halpenny Halloween party that year. Everyone Halpenny came to join the fun. They came in mass. Some in costume, most with great food, and all with libations of some sort. Friendly welcomes came from the Halpenny tribe to the sole Lane lady joining their fun.

It was the most fun I had on a Halloween since a child. This is a huge declaration as I have put on some great parties myself over the years. This particular year I became a Halpenny-want-to-be. They had me at hello with their family storytelling followed by deep belly laughs.

When it was time to trick-or-treat, the extended family insisted that Brian, Laurie and I accompanying our children while they tended to the house. I was dressed as some sort of deviled cowgirl.With little prodding and five minutes for a wardrobe change, Laurie went from street clothes to a cave girl. Out the door the three adults went, as giddy as our young boys.

We laughed like schoolkids as we scaled the neighborhood, door by door and street by street. A perfect night, the streets were filled with kids in costumes and parents pulling wagons. Jack entertained up with his one-liners including sizing up the oddity of another mom's costume. In his mind she was strangely dressed as a witch. Obviously, Laurie and I were everything normal in the maternal costuming category as a cave woman and devil cowgirl.

The highlight of our adult trick-or-treating fun was going though the neighborhood makeshift haunted house. Laurie and I screamed with delight as we tiptoed through the scary maze of fun. Brian prodded us like a schoolboy, having fun scaring the girls. When the last porch light finally went off and it was time for the real kids and the adult kids to go home, our stories on our fun that night were welcomed by the Halpenny troupe who were waiting for us at home.

Laurie, Brian, and I spent the Fourth of July holiday together this year. We sat in the garage in pop-up chairs watching our children create an Armageddon. Their typical boy nature of pyromania was as entertaining to watch (as was our comical over-reactions as mothers) as it was for them to light up a box of stash.

We had fun. Halpenny kind of fun; laughing and sharing life with no expectations. Just the enjoyment of each other's company. Jack was priceless with his comments and his love for life in Jack's world. Grandma Halpenny joined us for the neighborhood fireworks to close out the night. An awesome finale to a very nice night.

Grant packed a bag to spend the night with the Halpenny's. A normal end to any given summer or weekend night is a sleep over at the Halpenny's . Like his mom, Grant is Halpenny-want-to-be too.

Grant and I ready for trick-or-treating in the Halpenny's driveway
(Regrettably I don't have a photo with my cave girl sidekick and her hubby)


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