July 21, 2013: Cousins

Some of the Lane boy cousins enjoying lake time together
Ben and Grant spent the night at their cousins' lake home on Friday. With two more cousins in town from Canada, the all-boy entourage took over the lake. When the idea came up over sushi to have all the cousins together, I jumped at the opportunity. Any time my kids can spend time with their cousins, I'm all for it.

I have to admit that I'm quite partial to the relationship of cousins. It's like brothers and sisters, but not. A close tie, blood that's thicker than water, but without the sibling drama. We all got to part and go to our respective homes after a long weekend at Grandma's. Fights were few and fun was at an abundance. I always looked forward to our many family gatherings. My girl cousins were a perfect replacement for the sisters I never had.

My cousin, Kelly (Kelly the Great), and I wrote our own secret language. Ben and Adam ran wild with my brothers those many summer on the farm. We built tree houses together; a haven for the older boys to teach the younger cousins naughty words. We walked beans and burned garbage. And we were collectively spoiled by our grandparents.

I grew up among a flock of cousins on both sides of the family. We grew up together under the watchful eye of our related parents and grandparents. And we were as thick as thieves, regardless of our ages.

My mom was the oldest of nine and Aunt Kathy, the youngest of nine. Although I am eighteen years older than her twins, we are close. We are cousins. Blood. Comrades with a shared life journey. A bond that never breaks, regardless of the miles apart and years without seeing each other.

Growing up with a cousin is a relationship that remains intact for life, regardless of what comes with age. I love my cousins. My boys love their cousins as well. It warms my heart to see them all together. Thick as thieves...


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