July 29, 2013: Fashion Flashback

Me with Baby Grant. I LOVED that outfit
I ran across this picture and had to post. Yes, Zach was a cute baby, but what caught my eye was my outfit. I really loved that outfit and wish I could remember the designer. She was an artist who also designed fun and funky clothes.

I owned two outfits from this unnamed designer. The other outfit was a bright orange shirt with shoulder pads. The shorts were tight like biking shorts and the shirt was full of bright, swimming fish painted across the over-sized top.

The outfit showcased above was complimented with a big pink hair bow and matching hot pink Keds. If only I could have pulled myself away from Baby Grant for a full length picture. The pants were tights and skin tight. the shirt was the look of the early nineties falling untucked below my waist.

Fast forward twenty years and I just smile as I remember this wearable piece of art. How the times have changed. In 1993, I couldn't imagine a world without shoulder pads and large bow barrettes. Today I am feeling styling without these loud accessories.

I now wonder what I will be thinking twenty years from now as I look back at pictures taken in my favorite outfits of today. Maybe I should have held on to my fish outfit. Everything circles back...


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