July 24, 2013: Kingman Pool with Grandma

Wagner grandkids at the Kingman pool
Guest blogger is my mom. Love her descriptive portrayal of life history...

July 21, 2008:  Kylynn, Josh, Brooke, Ben, Grant & Garrett visit Kingman's old downtown pool.  I drove them to & from the pool in installments....our car seats 5 and it was interesting...Even though it is only a 3 mile trip to the pool, I was worried sick something would happen to the kids at the pool or at our house while I transported. Garrett, the youngest, was 8; & Kylynn, the oldest, was a few weeks shy of 14.  Kylynn went with me on the 1st trip (so she could watch the little ones at the pool while I went back for the 2nd batch); Josh watched those left behind at the house.  Later, on the trip back to the house, I followed the same procedure but in reverse.  For what little time Grant & Garrett spent in the water, it was in the shallow end and they pretty much hugged the side of the pool.  Safety first for those two little guys.  Not so for the older ones.  As a matter of fact, I do believe I heard more than one whistle warning from the lifeguard. As you see in the pictures, interest in the pool had waned for Kingman kids; the pool was pretty empty. On each trip back to the house we stopped at the downtown convenience store, Circle K, for snacks. Wow, were they hungry! 

A good time was had by all!


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