July 12, 2013: Adventure Complete

Grant and camp cabin mates
Grant's week-long camp has been deemed a success. Stefano picked him up from Rivercrest Camp in Fremont yesterday afternoon. Although I have yet to lay eyes on my young camper, I was able to talk to him on he and Stefano's drive home.

My first question..."On a scale from 1 to 10, how would you rank your camp experience?"

Grant "A nine! Actually a ten. It was awesome. I'm going back next year!"

Although I think there are some parental steps that need to occur before next year's registration, I like the enthusiasm.

My second question..."What was the best part?"

Grant "Everything. It was so much fun. Can I go back again next year?"

After some more coaxing, I did get some specifics. The food was good. They didn't sleep much and he did get my letters. But he needs to go to the orthodontist because he broke a brace when a tree branch hit him in the face while running in the dark. Hmmm. Of course.

Grant is with his dad this weekend, so I will have to wait until Monday for the longer version of his escapades. I was greeted with some camp surprises upon my arrival home last night. One envelope had enclosed a 5X7 copy of his camp picture (above). The second was Grant's letter to me from camp (below). A man of few words. Yes, Grant, we will look into new "everyday" shoes and yes, you can go back to Rivercrest next year.


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