July 7, 2013: Are You Ready for the Summer?

Brendon and Grant outside their cabin home for the week
"Are you ready for the good times? Are you ready for the birds and bees, the apple trees, and a whole lot of fooling around..."

It's Meatballs time. Summer camp has begun. Grant is the first of the Lane boys to attend sleep-over-all-week summer camp. Personally, I'm jealous.

Laurie and I drove the boys to Rivercrest Camp in Fremont today. Brendon went last year and enthusiastically convinced Grant into join him this year. They have been talking about it for days with great anticipation.

What I have gathered is that camp includes little sleep and lots of fun. There is a pool, a river, paint ball guns, air boats, a snack shack, cafeteria style food and activities galore. And although in different cabins, there are girls. Hmmmm.

Last year Brendon was introduced to coffee and per his mother, slept for two days straight after returning home. Bags were packed and included stamps and envelopes for letters home and a Bible for daily mass. Left at home were the un-allowed cell phones. No contact with the outside world for five days. A good thing.

As we walked the campgrounds, I felt a bit of envy for this week long retreat. Although nestled in the rustic woods, the accommodations are anything but rustic.The cabins are cozy and the staff, young and friendly. Food is prepared and served in an air conditioned hall. The pool has a diving board and the snack shack filled with every sugary goodie imaginable.

They may not get a lot of "roughing it", but I am hopeful they will have good times and a whole lot of fooling around. I can't wait to hear all about it on Friday.

Bunk buddies


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