July 6, 2013: Gardener Extraordinaire

Ben was appalled by vision to the right
(but don't my plants to the left look awesome???)
I think I am going to work backwards on my day. Seems appropriate.

Bieber Fever. Yeah...it's here. In Omaha; full force. Every female under the age of 18 seems to be in attendance. My girlfriends and their daughters, my nieces, neighbors, and my boys' female friends. They are there.

Not a relevant issue at our house. Three boys means no Bieber Fever. In fact, it's a bit of "girls are from Jupiter". I kept asking about the concert throughout the day. They bit every time with comments like "seriously, Mom!" and "no JB for me".

So instead, I spent the night sitting on my Lazy Boy patio rocker, sipping a glass of wine and catching up on reading. Ben is out with friends and Grant, frantically getting in X-Box time before a week-long overnight camp. Other than occasional interaction with Grant on the other side of the patio screen door, my background music is the sound of shuffling tree leaves and the buzzing of fireflies.

My oldest, Zach, is a man on his own. When between parties and social engagements, he does beckon the company of his mother and brothers on occasion. Grant and I visited this afternoon; bearing fresh pizza and a new bottle of ranch dressing (special request). We caught 5:15 mass at downtown Mary Mag's after an afternoon of yet more video games with Zach (I opted for computer time on his porch).

My morning was full of gardening. Thus my enjoyment of my backyard later in the evening. It takes some work to keep my sanctuary up to expectations (mine). With my I-Phone blasting Train on Pandora, I worked my front and back yards under the summer noon sun. Maximizing my resourcefulness with watering can in hand with essential tools (dandelion remover and clipper) tucked into the elastic of my shorts, I was a gardening machine. This was all to my children's chagrin, of course.

Ben took the above photo of me. This was following my awesome lip sync and dance to Train's "If's It's Love" in front of their big screen as they played video games. I still had my watering can in hand and tools in belt. They were appalled. "Mom, Stop!"

If they could only remember how badass it felt to them at age four to wear their own Little Tykes tool belts. They loved it. That's how I felt with my handy dandelion exterminator tool. How quickly they forget.

So my garden is tended. Boys are happy. To-do list...achieved. Relax time for Mom. No JB (I did Google him though to get up to speed...interesting!). Time for bed. Goodnight Moon....


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