May 31, 2013: Broken

The caption of this picture should read "flat tire and great boyfriend". I blew a tire yesterday. It seems like I've been blowing a lot of tires lately. My "tires" have been coming in a lot of shapes and models. I had the good fortune yesterday of having Garrett by my side to save the day. And we finished our ride without issue.

My air conditioner is broke. Another blown tire of sorts. Although my ever-resourceful brother-in-law thinks I may bypass purchasing a new unit, I need to be in Omaha to resolve. On the list for Monday is a call to the air conditioning company to schedule a visit. At least the cool Omaha weather has been cooperating on this front.

I have a mess in my basement. Zach overflowed the main level toilet on Wednesday. With Stefano in the upstairs shower, Zach wasn't able to quickly access the correctly sized plunger or towels. By the time the water was turned off, basement ceiling panels were soaked. Several panels collapsed leaving mirage of white compounded tile chunks. A mess.

Did I mention that my hot tub broke last week? The temp wouldn't go beyond 78 degrees. Not good. This one has since been resolved by my hot tub guy, George. JJ, my handyman, made a slight miscalculation in my laundry room tile work. The washer and dryer sit on wood blocks as he works on a solution. This problem awaits resolution.

I will add that my luck has carried to Denver. As Garrett works through the final details of selling his house, an appraisal is pointing to the need for a new roof and circuit box. Oh, and his sprinkler is leaking into his basement. In the thirty-six hours I have been here, there have been plumber visits, roofing estimates, and calls and visits with the realtor.

Calgon, take me away? Yea, that's kind of how it feels right now. Oh well. What doesn't kill you makes your stronger. And it is all just stuff. Tires will always have the possibility of blowing. The key is whether you are able to enjoy the rest of the ride.


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