June 22, 2013: Raincheck

View out my window from my desk
Do you remember the opening to the book, The Cat in the Hat? The kids stared out the window to a wet and cold day. What to do? What to do?

That is how I feel right now. The best made plans can be overturned by Mother Nature. My planned bike ride with friends is out, so what now is in?

Last night the boys and I went to see World War Z in 3D. It was actually quite good. Very entertaining. Home by 9:30, I carefully planned for a much anticipated Sunday morning.

Bike down and tires filled with air. Check. Helmet, gloves, clipped shoes in car. Check. Water bottle open and left on island for filling beside power bar. Check. Money, ID, and ear buds set by charging phone. Check. To bed by 10:30 with dreams of a long morning bike ride dancing in my head. Check.

Reality check. The sound of thunder and heavy rain outside wakes me at 6:10. A check of hour-by-hour weather and a flurry of FaceBook posts from cycling friends concludes with a cancelled ride. And now I stare out my window like the kids in The Cat in the Hat.

Will the Cat show up for antics and entertainment at my house today? Wouldn't that be fun? I won't hold my breath. Instead I think adventures in our basement and specifically, my art room, are in order. If the Cat doesn't show, no foul in attempting on my own, is there?

I will give the boys "jobs" to do so they can feel forced (although I know they actually love my basement antics). And there are always projects within my masses of accumulated treasures. I will let them pick the music choices within my vinyl record collection and give them a job that includes going through their grade school boxes and baby pictures. Ultimately most found treasures in these departments end up Tweeted, Snapshot, or Instagramed by my teenage sons.

For now I'll let them sleep. My immediate plan is to feed my own cat, Abby, and coffee up while catching up on news in the world. With enticement of grilled steaks later, I think I can lure my housemates into surprises that await in our creative space. The only difference from the Cat in the Hat is that adult supervision won't be absent, it will be a welcomed participant.


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