June 5, 2013: Another Day

Days come and days go. Fresh starts. Bad starts. Time that flies and time that can't go by fast enough. Life really is like a box of chocolate. You never know what you're going to get. I have always loved that Forest Gump quote. So true.

For the record, I still haven't fixed my air conditioner. But life has been in my favor on this one. The unseasonably cool weather has been refreshing. My hot tub is back to being hot and my house is staying cool. A good combination. At least for the day.

Busy is my new norm. But a new busy. Not one full of planned naps, play dates, and days at the pool. Instead my busyness is less kid-related and more me-related. I'm still not used to this life switch. It happened quickly and quietly. One day I was taking three boys to baseball games and the next, I'm simply trying to keep my head above water. I underestimated the size of this chore.

The boys are busy with summer jobs and their own summer social calendars. Few of these tasks involve me. If they oversleep or forget a wallet on their nightstand, the burden of their oversights lie on them. Running kids and organizing their schedules occupy little of my time. I can only point the finger to myself on the outcomes of my current days.

Today was a good day. I was able to sneak in a bike ride around Lake Zorinsky. Persistence and determination paid off on other fronts. Success. A good busy is one that leads to results. Another day...a good day.


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